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Post  SweetHeart on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:52 am

A player told me about his character assassin change into gladiator . But that char still use a Assassin Skills and Set .
Can you tell me about it ?

Another thing. Many players looking for Drops about manastones .They're asking me where manastones drop exactly Smile)

Thats all Very Happy

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Problem :) Empty Re: Problem :)

Post  huwakindv on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:28 am

The issue about the sin/ glad level up skills is actually a bug. I myself get to witness that when i leveled up a sin through gm override <gm command>. Apparently the team is already hands on to that issue. The good thing about it is that It doesn't happen all the time. It can be fixed by running another gm override <gm command> to the right class then relog. If the issue still did not get fixed bythe work around, try to delete the character and recreate it. We are now working on it.

The issue about the manastones, you can actually Google it and see which is which that drops those. I dont think drops such as that will be different from the retail aion or any other servers. However to be sure, I will check it myself to know, again "which is which that drops those". Try to stick on this topic as we will post <probably if not really busy developing AA or with our personal scheds> where can you find the manastones you need. The nextime, it also be easier for us to solve the issue if you narrow down it like "which manastone" are you looking for or anything similar to that way on the upcoming issues you may get to encounter in the fufture.

Thank you for raising these issues to our knowledge. Should have helped you, please let u know for future reference.

Thank you!

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